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Xiaomi Mi6!  The xiaomimi6.com Provides all update News about Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone.  Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date, Price in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and all other countries data available in here! You will also get all Features, Specification, Review and Rumors of Mi6 Smartphone from here. The Single Specification like the Xiaomi Mi6 Camera, Battery, Operating System, Display, Screen, RAM and many others.

Hi Guys, Welcome to the All latest and Update Information about upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 in a Place. No more page Visit Require to know more about the Xiaomi Smartphone 2017.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date:

Xiaomi Mi 6 Device will Release on “February 2017” all over the World. If you are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, You can get the Device some days ago before the Release Date announced. The other Location people will get the device some days later after releasing the Device. Get the below Table to know about the Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date & Price:

       Country Name       Release Date Price
United Sates February 2017 500 USD
United Kingdom February 2017 385 GBP
Australia February 2017 650 AUD
Canada February 2017 655 CAD
Germany February 2017 430 DEM
Singapore February 2017 670 SGD
Sweden February 2017 4,200 SEK
Spain February 2017 445 ESP
Poland February 2017 1915 PLN
Brazil February 2017 1600 BRL
China February 2017 3325 CNY
India February 2017 33,380 INR
France February 2017 440 FRF
Iceland February 2017 57,280 ISK
Portugal February 2017 440 PTE
Belgium February 2017 440 BEF
Norway February 2017 4080 NOK
Bangladesh February 2017 39,200 BDT
Pakistan February 2017 52,150 PKR
Romania February 2017 1975 RON
Italy February 2017 440 ITL
Peru February 2017 1680 PEN
South Africa February 2017 7060 ZAR
Indonesia February 2017 6551000 IDR
Netherlands February 2017 440 ANG
Philippines February 2017 23,500 PHP
Malaysia February 2017 2035 MYR


Xiaomi Mi6 Price in European Country:

Get the Xiaomi Mi 6 Price for all the listed Countries where the Device will Release in. We are providing the Mi6 Price in the Local currency of the desired country. Just, find out the Price of Xiaomi Mi6 in your Country.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in the United States: The Xiaomi Mi 6 price is 499.99 USD in the United States. You can collect the Device from the Authorized point, Distributor and Agent in the USA. The Authorized point for Pre-book and live collection are available in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada & New York.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in the United Kingdom: The Xiaomi Mi 6 price in the UK is 385 GBP. It is the fixed Price which is powered by Redmi. The Mi6 Smartphone will release in February 2017 in the following Cities of UK: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol & Manchester.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Canada: The Xiaomi Mi 6 Price in Canada is 655 CAD. It is the Expected Price for the Canadian people who want to buy the Mi6 Smartphone. You will receive the Xiaomi Update Smartphone of MI Series in February 2017. You can Pre-book the Mi6 Device from the desired location of Canada: Montreal (Quebec), Calgary (Alberta), Ottawa (Ontario), Edmonton (Alberta), Mississauga (Alberta), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Vancouver (British Columbia), Brampton (Ontario), Hamilton (Ontario).

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Australia: The upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Australia is 650 AUD. The Australian People will get the Device First Week of the Mi 6 Release.  You will eligible to collect the Mi6 Smartphone from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other Selected Cities of Australia. You can Book the Xiaomi Mi6 Device from these locations.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Germany: The Selected Price of upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 Device Price in Germany is up to 430 DEM. The Prebook price and the Direct Purchase Price is Same and the Price won’t increase from 430 Germany Deutsche Mark after release the Mi 6 Smartphone in February 2017.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Slovakia: The Selected Price of Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone for the users of Slovakia is up to 422 SKK. The pre-booked Price may be lower that the Exact Price. You may also Ask to Mi 6 Prebook from Online like from the Amazon, Flipkart or other Marketplace.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Asian countries Countries:

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Singapore: The selected Price for Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone in Singapore is 670 SGD. You will eligible to Buy the Device after Release the Device in top Rated Countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Sweden: The People of Sweden who want to Buy the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 Device can get the Device with the Price of 4,200 SEK.  You may Receive some Discount if pre-book the device Now. The Discountable price will be lower that 4,200 Swedish Krona.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Spain: The Available Price for Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 in Spain is up to 445 ESP. If you Pre-book the device, you can collect it from Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona and some others Authorized point of Spain.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Poland: The Price of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 is 1915 PLN. You will be eligible to Buy the Device from anywhere of Poland. There are too many Authorized Agent are available in Poland for selling Mi6 Smartphone. The Mi 6 Device will Release in February 2017 all the Cities in Poland.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in China: The Mi 6 Smartphone will available in china with the Selected Price is 3325 CNY. It is the genuine Price of Mi 6 Smartphone 2017. `You can also Pre-book the Device to collect First when the device will release. We already notified you that the Device will Release in February 2017.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in India: The Indian People are more attracted on the upcoming Xiaomi Device Mi6. Research shows that More than 50% Users who are currently looking for the Mi6 Device are Indian. The Selected Price of Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone in India is 33,380 INR.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in India

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Netherlands: The Selected Price of Xiaomi Mi 6 in Netherlands is 440 ANG. To Buy the upcoming Mi 6 Smartphone 2017, Please keep Balance 440 Netherlands Antilles Guilder and wait for the device Release.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Bangladesh: The Bangladeshi users who want to Buy Upcoming Xiaomi Mi Series Smartphone Mi 6, point to be noted that the Selected Price in 39,200 BDT. The Xiaomi Mi5 is now available in Bangladesh with the same Price. If you want to Purchase Mi5 Device or Booking Mi6 from Bangladesh, Just contact with Grameenphone the largest telecom Operator in Bangladesh. Too many Bonus offer available with Xiaomi Mi6 in Bangladesh.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Pakistan: The Selected Price for Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone in Pakistan is 52,150 PKR. The Pre-booking opportunity is now Trending for Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 in Pakistan. If you want to Buy the desire Smartphone, Just Contact with the Telenor nearest Service Center or Sales Point to Complete Pre-booking Process and complete the order.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in the Philippines: The Xiaomi Mi 6 Device will available in the Philippines with the Price Range up to 23,500 PHP. If you want to Buy the Desire Mi 6 Device, You can now book the device. Because there are too many People all over the World currently pre-booking the Mi6 Device for Receiving First. The Xiaomi Official site informs the news about Prebooking.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Indonesia: If you are an Indonesian, You are Eligible to get the Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 with the Price 6551000 IDR. If want, You can pre-book the Device from your Telecom Operator who Received the Authorize from Xiaomi. By Pre-booking the Mi 6 Device, you will eligible to collect the Device very Fast when it will Release.

Xiaomi Mi6 Characteristics:

There is a question about the Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 Characteristics. This Device will provide you Some awesome elements while really big for the Modern lifestyle. The Mi6 Mobile Directly Compared with the iPhone 7. Maximum features of Mi6 Match with the iPhone 7. Just Think about the Price and Its Characteristics. The Device will provide you 4K Display, Slim body Design, Long Lasting Battery, big Storage, large Megapixel Camera and much more. Xiaomi explained that too many Awesome features keep hidden by Xiaomi and it will announce when the Device will Release in the Market to sell. We are also waiting to know about these Awesome features. So, Stay with Mi6 to know more details.

Xiaomi Mi6 Operating System:

The Upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone will available with the Android operating System. The Android Version is 6.1 Marshmallow, the Latest version of Android Operating System Software. With this operating System, The Redmi Mi6 Device will work faster. According to the Xiaomi Mi 6Operating System, we are happy to inform you that, The Mi 6 Device can be updated the other Latest Version of Android Operating System (If Available). If any more News we’ll get about the Redmi Mi6 Operating System Software, We will inform you soon again here by updating this.

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera:

The Upcoming Smartphone of Xiaomi named with Xiaomi Mi 6 will available with the high-Quality Camera. The Photographer can buy the Redmi Mi6 for their Daily usages. Here available 16 Megapixels Primary Camera and 4 Megapixels Front Camera. It is Rumors that the Mi 6 Device will available with 24 Megapixels Primary Camera and 8 Megapixels front Camera. The Care will be available too many Sensor and effect which will provide additional opportunities.

Xiaomi Mi6 Camera

Xiaomi Mi6 Display:

The Device of Xiaomi Mi 6 will release with the Ultra High Definition Display 5.2 Inch (UHD). The Bigger Display is loved by the people who like to Play Game and Watch Movie or Videos.  With this large Display, the Mi6 Device will match with the Modern lifestyle. Because of the Display, Color is Vibrant, people will choose the Smartphone. By using this Smartphone, you will get a Unique and Excellent Experience in your life.

Xiaomi Mi6 Screen:

The Screen Size of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017 will available 5.0 Inch or more. While we analyze the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone Screen, the Mi5 Smartphone has released with 5.0 Inch Screen. So, the Mi 6 will Available with Higher Size. Some of the Rumors of Xiaomi Mi6 inform that It ill available with nearest 700 PPI. Just stay with us to see the latest update about the Mi6 Smartphone’s Screen update Info.

Xiaomi Mi6 Battery

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 Device will available with the High Powerful Battery. The Mi6 Device will be available with 4000 mAh long times lasting Display. If you buy the Device, It will stand by a long time and also talk Time too many times from the other Relevant Smartphone. Some special features are also available with the Desire Smartphone. Just get the details from the fellow about the Wireless Charging Technology and fastest Charging technology of the Desire Smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Wireless Charging Technology:

The Xiaomi Mi 6 Device will available with the Wireless Charging technology. You will be eligible to Charge the Device from any blank Matt. From the Recent Rumors of the Xiaomi, we gained that the people who live in the place where the Electricity problem, they can easily charge their Mi6 Device with this Modern Technology. The more info about the Mi6 Smartphone Wireless Charging Technology we’ll provide you latter after the information Released Officially. Till then Stay with us to get the latest update.

Xiaomi Mi6 Fastest Charging technology:

The Xiaomi Mi6 will available with the fastest Charging Technology. The Mi6 Device will Charge more than 30% within the 20 Minutes and more than 50% within the 30 Minutes. If you purchase the device, you will get this Special features and benefits. The more opportunity will be available with the device when it will release. So, wait for the release date of the desire Xiaomi Smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Amazon:

Are you looking for the Xiaomi Mi6 Price in Amazon? The Desire Device is available in the Amazon! There is a new store available in Amazon with named Redmi! The Xiaomi Mi 6 Device is also known as Redmi Mi6 to the users of European countries. If you want to by the Mi6 Smartphone from Amazon, You need to Search with the keyword “Xiaomi Mi 6” or, Redmi Mi 6”. It will automatically redirect you the Official Store of Redmi (Xiaomi). Then, you will buy the Xiaomi Mi6 Device from Amazon. The Expected Price of Xiaomi Mi6 in Amazon is from $450 to $480.

Xiaomi Mi6 Amazon Price

Xiaomi Mi6 Flipkart:

If The Amazon isn’t available in your Country, You can try to get the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone from the Flipkart. Here we are providing details info about the Xiaomi Mi6 Flipkart. The Flipkart will carry the Device free of Cost if you buy it from here. The Xiaomi Mi 6 Price in Flipkart is same or some more from the Selected Price on Amazon. If the Flipkart is currently providing Free Shipping Service in your Location, you can buy the Mi6 Device from here without any confusion. If you have any Question about the Xiaomi Mi 6 Flipkart Price, Buy online, Pre-book, Stock Availability or Delivery related data, Just feel free to ask via the below comment box. We’ll reply you back as soon as possible.

Xiaomi Mi6 Snapdeal:

The users who want to Buy Xiaomi Mi6 upcoming Smartphone from Online Marketplace, They can Easily Exchange it from Snapdeal. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is now Available in Snapdeal to Buy online and Pre-book! The users who fail to buy the Mi6 Device from Amazon or other Marketplace, they can Easily Buy it from here. Xiaomi Explain that the Mi6 Smartphone will available all the Available Marketplace World Wide. So, Make Sure that it will also available on Snapdeal. Just stay with us on here and get the update News about Xiaomi Mi6 Snapdeal.

Xiaomi Mi6 Wiki

Xiaomi Mi6 Alixpress:

The Xiaomi Mi6 Device is available on ALI Express. When the Device will Release officially, it will available Instant in here. The Xiaomi will sell the Device Officially in the AliExpress. There is no additional cost available while you will buy the Mi6 Device from AliExpress. You will also eligible to save money by Receive the Device Free anywhere all over the world. It is the best opportunity for the users who want to buy the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2017 online, but there are no Specific e-commerce sites in their Country. The Selected Price of the Mi6 Phone in Ali Express is currently unavailable or didn’t announce till now. We’ll include it on this page very soon when we’ll get the Information from Xiaomi (Redmi).

Xiaomi Mi6 GSM Arena:

The GSM Arena is the best Website for the Smartphone Specification and Reviews. They always publish the real info about a Device (Smartphone) only after Release/launch the Phone officially. If you want to know the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date in GSM Arena or Xiaomi Mi6 Price in GSM Arena, We’re sorry to say you that the Xiaomi Mi 6 Phone 2017 is currently unreachable. So, there is no Specification or Review available about the Device in GSM Arena. After Release or launch the Mi6 Mobile, You will get the exact info about the Desire Device in GSM Arena.

Xiaomi Mi6 Official Info:

Maximum People are currently looking for the official Info about the Xiaomi Mi6. You may know that every company wants to provide something new to their Special users. For this reason, Xiaomi Official Website currently doesn’t provide the All info like the Mi6 Price, Photos, Battery and other info. But, we are working hard to get the Official info about Xiaomi Mi 6 Mobile 2017. If we get any update data, we will inform you soon.

Xiaomi Mi6 Picture, Image, Photos, and Sample:

Do you know how the Xiaomi Mi6 Device will come? We have collected too many HD Image and Photos about the Xiaomi Mi 6 Smartphone 2017. The Sample Image of Mi6 will help you to get a Clear concept about the desired Device.

 Xiaomi Mi6 Launch date

Remember that, all the available Image or Photos of Xiaomi Mi6 is collected from various sources. If you have any confusion about the desire Image collection, you can ask to us via the below comment box. We don’t provide 100% Guarantee about the Image Collection.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specification:

                               Xiaomi Mi6 Device Full Specification:

Model Xiaomi Mi6
Release Date “February 2017”
Network Frequency Band 2G Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G Network: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
4G Network: FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz (B1/B3/B7)
SIM Card Type Dual SIM (Nano SIM), Dual Standby
Service Provide Unlocked
Device Color Black
Operating System MIUI 7
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 (Quad Core)
GPU Adreno 540
ROM 64GB (Read Only Memory)
RAM 4GB (Random Access Memory)
Display Size 5.2” ( Inch)
Type IPS Display, capacitive screen
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 428 PPI
Card Extend No
Camera Info Dual Cameras, 16-Megapixel back camera; 4.0MP front camera.

                                    Xiaomi Mi6 Device Function

Ringtones Type Polyphonic and MP3
Audio File Format ·        PCM, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+

·        MP3, AMR – NB and WB

·        FLAC

·        APE

·        DSD

·         WAV

Video File Format MP4; M4V; AAC; MP3; AMR; FLAC; MKV; XVID; WAV; APE; DSD
Image File Format ·        JPEG

·        BMP

·        GIF

·        PNG

·        GIF

FM Radio Available but earphone needed
Earphone Port 3.5mm
GPS Available!  GPS (Global Positioning System), AGPS, GLONASS, Beidou
NFC Available!
Notification LED Available!
WiFi Display Available!
WiFi Direct Available!
WIFI Available! 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Bluetooth  v4.2
Sensor Infrared; Gyro; Acceleration sensors; Hall Sensor; Electronic compass; Proximity sensor; Ambient light sensor; Barometer
Multi-Touch Support
Size 148.55 X 71.2 X 7.2mm
Weight 135 g
Language English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese
Other Feature 4G, Fingerprint recognition, Browser, E-book, Sound Recorder, Alarm, Calendar, People, Calculator , MP4, MP3, 3G, Wi-Fi, Video Call, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, OTG

Xiaomi Mi6 Pre-book:

It is very Important collecting the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Early from others. If you want to buy the Mi6 Mobile, You must Require to Pre-book the Device from anywhere and anyhow. While you will Pre-book the Device, The Authority will Delivery the Device to you First from the People who don’t pre-book and waiting for Release the Mi6 Device in Market.

Some of the requirements need to know for pre-booking the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2017. According to Pre-book the Mi6 Mobile, You must need to submit your Valid Information and Complete Contact Address. Listen, You provide a false or incomplete Address, You will unable to Receive the Device when the Authority will Send the Mi6 Phone to You.

Sometimes, the Pre-book System carry advance Money. Feel Free to Pay some Advance money for Security Verification. While you will pay the Advance Money, The Authority will confirm that you will Buy the Device Confirm. Then, Wait until the Mi 6 Device Launch officially.

Xiaomi Mi6 Vs iPhone 7:

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2017 and New released iPhone 7 Smartphone provides same features with its Design, Body, Display and some of the internal Elements. While we are going to describe between iPhone 7 and Xiaomi Mi6, We have found that the Authority of Xiaomi Mi6 Directly compare the Mi6 Device with the iPhone 7 after Release the iPhone 7 Recently. The price is too low like the iPhone 7 price. So, The people who have failed to Purchase iPhone 7, They can buy the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone with the 50% Price of iPhone 7. We hope you have read the Available Specification and Features of Mi6 Smartphone from here. Just read about the iPhone 7 from official Website of Apple.

Xiaomi Mi6 Vs LG G6:

The LG G6 is the upcoming Smartphone which will Release in May 2017. After Release the Xiaomi Mi6 in February 2017, the Smartphone user will get the LG G6 in the Market some days later. Maximum Features of Xiaomi Mi6 is Match with the Upcoming LG G6 Smartphone. But, the Price of LG G6 is too high such as the Xiaomi Mi6 and that is $750 where the Xiaomi Mi6 is $499.99. According to the Price Compare, the LG G6 will available with More Features and Modern Technology. Already the users are facing confusion that which Smartphone they will buy.

LG G6 Features & Specs:

Features Specification
Battery Power 4200 mAh
Features of Camera Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element, Optical image stabilization plus, auto laser focus
Primary Camera 7.0 Megapixels
Front Camera 24 Megapixels
Handset Colors Black, Gold, Blue, Copper, White
Main Features Bendable display, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, Corning Gorilla Glass 4,  retina eye scanner, rapid charging, waterproof, wireless charging, mini projector
Memory Info 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory. External Memory 128 GB Expandable with dual micro SD cards
OS Android 6.0 Operating System
Price $750 USD, 688 Euro
Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor
Release Date September, 2017
Screen Display 5.6” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

LG G6 Release Date & Price:

According to the Compare between Mi6 Phone with LG G6 Smartphone 2017, We are Providing all the Countries Release Date and Price of LG G6 Smartphone 2017, Just Read your own Country Release Date & Price.

Country Name LG G6 Release Date LG G6 Price
Australia 4th Week May 2017 1017 Australian Dollar
Austria 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Brazil 4th Week May 2017 2619 Brazilian Real
Canada 3rd Week May 2017 985 Canadian Dollar
China 2nd Week May 2017 4657 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 4th Week May 2017 5130 Danish Krone
England 3rd Week May 2017 479 British Pound Sterling
Finland 1st Week June 2017 688 Euro
France 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Germany 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Greece 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Hong Kong 2nd Week May 2017 5814 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 1st Week June 2017 212,928 Hungarian Forint
India 4th Week May 2017 47,759 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 4th Week May 2017 10,134,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Japan 2nd Week May 2017 93,352 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 1st Week June 2017 149,287 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 3rd Week May 2017 34,260 Philippine Peso
Poland 4th Week May 2017 2868 Polish Zloty
Russia 4th Week May 2017 47,066 Russian Ruble
Singapore 4th Week May 2017 1037 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 4th Week May 2017 9578 South African Rand
South Korea 2nd Week May 2017 878,940 South Korean Won
Spain 4th Week May 2017 688 Euro
Switzerland 4th Week May 2017 734 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 4th Week May 2017 23,763 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 2nd Week May 2017 688 Euro
United States 1st Week June 2017 $750

Xiaomi Mi6 Telecom Offer:

While we are analyzing the Pre-book offer and Instant Buying Offer of Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone all over the World, We have found that a large Number of TelecomOperator are currently Providing too many offers with the Xiaomi Mi6 Pre-booking and on Delivery! If you want to Buy the Xiaomi Mi6 Mobile 2017, You can find out your nearest Telecom Operator Service Center to describe the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Offer. Generally, the telecom Operator will Provide you  Free Internet Offer, New Connection, Talk Time & SMS Bundle offer or any other Physical Gift like theOperator Logo Based T-Shirt, Mug or Bag. Sometimes, In the same country, two or More operator got Authorized agentship. They will Try to Provide something better from each others. You can get a better offer with Xiaomi Mi6 on this Session.

This is the Final Session about the content Xiaomi Mi6 – Price, Release date, Features, Specs. We hope that you have successfully understood the Full concept of upcoming Xiaomi Device. If you face any confusion or need more info about the phone, just ask here about your query. We’ll review your query and reply you back with the proper solution. Thank you for being with us with your Valuable time and finally, wait until the Mi6 Mobile Release to Buy.